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What is

Our new online marketplace for virtual professionals offers the ability to get work done efficiently without the costs associated with bricks and mortar. Virtual professionals use their own hardware – computers, printers, scanners, phones, and common software programs such as Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. All solutions are customizable – you decide types of tasks, hours worked, tech applications –anything you don’t have time to do or expertise to accomplish. You might need someone to create a PowerPoint presentation one day, and make travel arrangements the next; to set up an event one day, and help with a billing project the next.  

VAL.experts come from a large variety of different industries and professions allowing great talent for just about every task imaginable. At we take on the burden of sourcing, screening and evaluating talent to be able to offer the right person for the right task.

What is a Virtual Expert Freelancer?

Virtual professionals are:

  • Independent entrepreneurs who pay their own FICA and unemployment taxes and their own health insurance and benefits. Payment plans are customized according to whether you will utilize your virtual professional for the same hours per week or variable hours per week. You may even wish to hire your on a full time basis – our solutions are varied and flexible according to your needs.
  • W-2 temporary contract employees who do not qualify for 1099 status.  These are employees of Imprimis who are paid normal hourly wages.  Imprimis is responsible for withholding workers’ Social Security and Medicare taxes, and pay employer payroll taxes.

Are you looking to hire a freelancer? Click here to begin the process.

Are you looking for a freelance position? Click here to begin the process.

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