We have seen an increasing number of people actually prefer to work from home, and due to the advances in technology, this is more possible than ever.  In the past, it was difficult to manage virtual people because of lack of transparency, security, and the feeling that teamwork and camaraderie were impossible if employees did not have face-to-face contact in an office.  That is not the case today.  With software that gives you real time visibility into tasks and projects being completed, you can know and see what your virtual expert is doing.

We screen VAL.experts the same way we have been screening candidates for temporary and full time positions for 38 years.  From the application, to phone screens, to face-to-face interviews (over platforms such as Zoom), to testing, to reference checks, to background checks, we make sure you get the skills and expertise you need. 

Virtual experts fit varied profiles:

  • Entrepreneurs with their own at home business
  • Consultants who like varied opportunities
  • Retired people who want to keep working
  • Mothers and fathers who want to work part time
  • People with disabilities who require at home work
  • Students who want to work from college or home
  • People taking care of parents in their homes
  • People such as writers who need quiet time
  • In general, people who prefer to work at home either part time or full time

Independent contractors vs. W-2 experts:

There are different regulations regarding independent contractors, W-2 employees, and business owners.  We make sure we (and you) stay compliant with these regulations.