From Virtual Expert, Karen, Executive Assistant: 

“Working from home hasn’t changed my functionality at all.  Working remotely has been seamless since the client has allowed me access to all necessary systems.  A big benefit is that I can start working immediately versus commuting from my home to the office which takes an hour because of traffic.”

From Virtual Expert, Yvette, Project Manager:

“I am a seasoned employee with 35 years of experience.  I am also a retiree and first time to work from home.  We have a daily team call where we discuss updates, roadblocks and what we have on our plate.  Our team can also send out group messages through a team chat site.  This allows us to easily communicate and add a human touch.  We have all adapted seamlessly to working from home.”

From Virtual Client:

“While not being in the office provided some challenges at first the team has quickly adjusted.  We use morning huddles to communicate challenges and work status.  We have become resourceful using MS Teams and Zoom to communicate.  The software we use helps us understand and see trends.  A quiet environment and no commute to the office increases productivity.”

From Virtual Expert, Michelle, Medical Collector

Working from home offers a work-life-balance and reasonable flexible hours in the convenience of my own home. Thank you VAL.expert for aligning me with my dream job!

From Virtual Expert, Dan, Credentialist I

Working from home has limited the amount of distractions allowing me to get more done and remain focused on my daily goals. I would not have found such a great work-from-home situation if not for VAL.expert! I am so excited! Thank you VAL.expert for landing me such a spot on job!

From Virtual Expert, Johnathan, Financial Analyst

“I find working remotely hasn’t changed my productivity. In fact, I get my days planned more quickly and can immediately start working since I don’t have to commute to an office. Plus I find I’m more rested for the day since I get a little more time to sleep!”

From Virtual Expert, Jeneane, Administrative Assistant

“I find I don’t feel as isolated as I thought when told I had to work from home because our team has frequent “Go To Meetings” to keep everyone connected and up to date.”

From Virtual Client:

The flexibility of VAL.expert and their experts has been a great asset to us in continuing business in this troubling time. We currently have VAL.expert’s in multiple positions: Mortgage Support Specialist, Account Coordinator, Sales Coordinator, Customer Service/IT Support Representative and Sales Coordinator.